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Behavioral Assessments

The Birkman Method:  The Birkman Method identifies the respondent's everyday interpersonal style (usual behavior) and gives unique insights into underlying motivations and needs. Stress behaviors are identified when these needs are not met. Knowing the underlying motivations and the consequences of unmet needs give us an effective way to improve workplace performance and reduce conflict.


The DISC Profile:  The DiSC is a tool for understanding behavioral types and personality styles. There are four primary dimensions of behavior that are explored using this tool: dominance, influence, steadiness and conscientiousness. Understanding one�s style increases personal effectiveness.


Emotional Intelligence:   Emotional Intelligence is the ability to understand the emotions of the self and others to build more positive relationships.  Enhancing emotional intelligence can strengthen one�s leadership style, foster trust and increase influence with others. In this interactive workshop, participants will gain greater insight increase self-awareness about one�s style, understand others and increase interpersonal skills.


Strengths Essentials:   Learn the research that demonstrates why playing to your Strengths will enable you to be your most productive. Explore the four signs of a Strength and learn the process for identifying your unique Strengths. Determine the steps you will take to proactively spend more time leveraging your Strengths in your work.